I am a self-taught traditional and digital painter with a passion for games and music.
I studied Communication Design in Munich and then got my first Concept Art experiences during an internsip at game developer Deck13. Currently I’m working as Concept Artist at Realmforge Studios, based in Munich.

Games have always been a big inspiration for me, as have books, music and nature itself. One can find something fascinating in every little piece – be it a rock, a little insect, or even a whole environment. Such is the case in the world of art and design. And I spend my life immersed in that world. I enjoy every bit of it too – the exhibitions, the galleries, the magazines and, of course, my beloved art books. They are my greatest treasures, the things on which I spend all my money.

Which begs the question: why art? Given that I have always been both a visually dependent and highly imaginative person, I spend a great deal of time daydreaming. Art gave me the great opportunity to bring those visions to life, and it continues to do so today.